Saturday, November 13, 2004

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Names and Faces

It takes a while to scroll through the names and faces of all the U.S. military personnel who have died in the Iraq War. It takes a while if you actually look at every single name, all 1,166 of them. One thousand one hundred and sixty six.

It's unlikely that someone I knew, someone I served with, would have died without somebody telling me about it. Even so, I couldn't help but look at every single name. I clicked on some to see if I recognized a face. I read how they died: ambushes, mortar rounds, car bombs, heart attacks, helicopter crashes.

And in all likelihood there were more casualties just in the time it took me to read the names and look at the faces.

How many more must die for Bush's Blunder? Nobody even asks anymore.

Thanks to Josh Marshall for the link.


Friday, November 12, 2004

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Exit Polls and Election Fraud:
the numbers just don't jibe

Kevin Drum notes a paper written by Steven Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania. Freeman's paper, "The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy" , looked at the discrepencies in the battleground states between exit polls and vote tallies. In every case (except Wisconsin, which had no difference), Bush got more votes than exit polls predicted. Freeman can't come up with a single convincing explanation for such a statistically impossible outcome. Check it out for yourself.

And then ask yourself this: If there hasn't been any election fraud used to elect and then re-elect the worst president in U.S. history, why, as
Digby points out, is the GOP hell-bent on prohibiting exit polls in the future.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

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The Gonzalez Nomination

It must make Bush feel real progressive to nominate a Nazi of color to be the next attorney general.

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And take Texas with you!

A couple of days ago I linked to this piece of white trash rant that suggested that the Real American Red States should eject the rest of us Blue State folks since we're not real Americans, anyway.

Well, it's smack-down time in America, folks. And a true Blue Stater has answered the call, telling the Red State South that we should have let them leave when we had the chance.

Read it all at fuckthesouth.com. Thanks to Simbuad for the link, and to Avedon who warns that you will go to hell if you laugh. I guess I better start packing.

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The View from London
They know we're hosed

See for yourself. Here's to Karla.

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Why Not Canada?

While I have to confess considering moving to the Great White North, Sarah Anderson provides 10 Reasons Not to Move to Canada.

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More Ratfucking in Ohio:
Send lawyers, guns and money

Via Suburban Guerrilla, it looks like they're changing the rules in mid-stream of the Cuyahoga. Apparently some provisional ballots are more equal than others.

And since today is Veterans Day
Send Pre-Paid Phone Cards
The No. 1 request of the wounded at Walter Reed is for phone cards, so soldiers can stay in touch with their loved ones during their long rehabilitations. Many of them are from poor families, so it would be a great thing to help. Send phone cards of any amount to:

Medical Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001
Thanks again to Susan the Uberblonde.

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Kerry Unconcede Update

That Colored Fella pointed me toward The Democratic Underground where I found this post:
This was posted earlier, but I'm going to re-post it under my name so everyone sees it. I have verified with PeteNYC over at the Kerry Campaign that this email message from Cameron Kerry is real. Please stop posting that other email message with Cam Kerry's email address. That message has already been posted dozens of times, and the moderators keep having to delete it. Anyway, Pete tells me that the Kerry Campaign is well aware of the alleged voting irregularities, and they've got a bunch of lawyers looking into it. At this point, there simply are not enough votes for us to win this thing, so please don't expect JK to un-concede. But the Kerry People are well aware of the whole situation, and they have not abandoned us. I told Pete that I didn't think anyone really expected Kerry to un-concede, particularly if there aren't enough votes. But win or lose, many people are alarmed by the reports of voting irregularities, and it's important that these these allegations are not being ignored.So, here's Cam Kerry's email. Yes, it's real...
I am grateful to the many people who have contacted me to express their deep concern about questions of miscounting, fraud, vote suppression, and other problems on election day, especially in Florida and Ohio. Their concern reflects how much people care about the outcome of this election. I want to you to know we are not ignoring it. Election protection lawyers are still on the job in Ohio and Florida and in DC making sure all the votes are counted accurately. I have been conferring with lawyers involved and have made them aware of the information and concerns people have given me. Even if the facts don't provide a basis to change the outcome, the information will inform the continuing effort to protect the integrity of our elections.

If you have specific factual information about voting problems that could be helpful to the lawyers doing their job, please send it to vri@dnc.org rather than to me.

The election protection effort has been important to me personally, and I am proud of the 17,000 lawyers around the country who helped. It's obvious that we have a way to go still, but their efforts helped make a difference. Their work goes on.

Thank you,

Cam Kerry
Based upon this information, I am deleting my earlier post regarding John Kerry uncondeding.

Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich is on the case.


Monday, November 08, 2004

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Why not?

This post has been deleted. See above.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

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Oh Canada!


Thanks to TCF

UPDATE: Nov. 10. While the map above is semi-humorous, you have to read this to understand how the Radical Wrong really thinks when they're off their meds. Thanks to Josh Marshall for the link.


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