Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sex, Rove, and Seeing Eye Dogs 

Leave town for a few days and I miss a few juicy ones. Apparently Karl has been having an affair.

Or else not, depending on whether you think this is just another false story planted by the Rove machine in order to discredit anyone on the left who runs with it.

Then there's the theory that a little heterosexual rumor would be good for Karl's image right now.

But if he is having an affair with Ms. Johnson, I hope he's not messing around with her seeing eye dog.

What??? She's not visually impaired??? Well then, this story is entirely implausible on its face. Move along. Nothing to see here . . .


OHIO: Another Republican gets his foot caught in the closet door 

Via The General, we learn that annatopia has the goods on Joe Braun, the campaign manager for Jean Schmidt, the conservative Republican running against Iraq War veteran Major Paul Hackett (USMCR).

Apparently Mr. Braun has been advertising himself as a dominant kind of guy on a few BDSM web sites.

Maybe Mr. Braun could wrestle with Jeff Gannon to see who gets to be on top.


Last Chance to Help Major Hackett 

There are only a few days left until the special congressional election in Ohio. The Republican Slime Machine just dumped a half a million bucks into the campaign. Those TV shots need to be answered before the voters go to the polls (such as they are in Ohio -- thanks Diebold).

Send Paul Hackett some love, some veteran love, some progressive love, some green love -- whatever kind of love you've got as long as it's cash. To quote one astute observer of websites:
. . .and I just happened to notice that the contribution button is the first one under the "Take Action" heading on the left-hand side of his home page.
Thanks to Billmon, Duncan, AMERICABlog (be sure to check out the video), and Daily Kos for reminding me.


Phil Carter Mobilized 

Back in January I wrote in a piece called Army Reserve Unable to Meet Commitments:
Note to Phil Carter:
Make sure your rucksack is packed. There's a dramatic shortage of junior officers.
Phil is the founder of an excellent blog called Intel Dump, which he started way back in 2002 and which was one of the first few blogs I read with any regularity.

A little background, for those of you who aren't familiar with Phil. After serving as an Army Officer (MP platoon leader in Korea and division G3 staff at Ft. Hood), Phil left active duty, went to law school at UCLA, graduated, passed the bar, and now practices law in Los Angeles.

He's a smart guy whose writing has drawn attention from the national media. He has contributed articles to The Washington Monthly and several big city dailies, as well as appearing on national television and radio (you can read the whole bio here). He is also an officer in the Army Reserve.

This is one of those times when I hate to be right. I'm tempted to say that the devil has come for Phillip Carter, but that wouldn't be fair. Military service is an honorable calling. I certainly viewed my 22 years that way.

Phil was called up earlier this month. He's now at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, receiving pre-deployment training. I'm sure he will make a valuable contribution. He has a very sharp mind, exceptional ethics, and a pretty good bullshit detector.

Over the past few months, Phil added several knowledgeable contributors to Intel Dump. This is a good thing, not only because they will be able to hold down the fort while Phil is deployed. It expands the amount of material that Intel Dump is able to cover (let's face it -- one guy could only read and blog so much while still holding down a day job).

I'm looking forward to Phil's reports from the field. I'm also remembering him in my prayers. The legal field in this war is full of many more land mines than previous conflicts. Phil will be out there among them.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

If you're going to play hardball, you better bring a glove 

Just to follow up on something I wrote back on July 11 (see putting the screws to Fitzgerald), Josh Marshall notes that pressure may be building to fire Rove Scandal special prosecutor from his job as US Attorney:
I really doubt they'd have the nerve to try. But I just posted a story over at TPMCafe about how pressure may be building to can Patrick Fitzgerald as US Attorney in Chicago, with the thumb down possibly coming from Denny Hastert. It's a complicated story, with various levels of possible political maneuvering in play.
All the more reason for Patrick Fitzgerald to bring home all the indictments he can. He knows how dirty they are, and he's going to make them pay for every bit of it.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Justice in the Light of Day 

Hi all. Sorry for the dearth of posts. I'm in a workshop all week and the only internet access is the nearby public library (which in this small town has pretty limited hours by my blogging standards). Anyway, I'm not quite keeping the demon at bay, yet. It has a name: Cough Syncope. You can Google it if you're really fascinated with why I've been unconscious so much of the time during the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, if you haven't already, stop by Daily Kos and read Switzer's piece on the terrorism trial that was conducted without detaining the defendant indefinitely or holding a secret military tribunal.

The judges comments are particularly poignant and worth reading.

More when I regain consciousness again. Thanks for stopping by.


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