Friday, May 19, 2006

Is it just me, 

or does anyone else see the irony in George W. Bush saying that people who want to become American citizens should have a command of the English language?

If speaking the English language well is really that important to the president former governor of Texas, shouldn't he, you know, sort of lead the way?


The NSA, the Big TELCOs, and the Middleman 

TPMmuckraker explains how the Big TELCOs could issues those non-denial denials, saying that they never shared your calling information with the National Security Agency (NSA).

There is a small group of companies that function as the middlemen. So, when AT&T, Bell South, and Verison say they never gave your phone and internet info to the NSA, they are sort of telling the truth (or what passes for the truth in Bushworld). They gave it to a company like NeuStar, with full knowledge that they were doing it so the NeuStar could pass it on to the NSA, FBI, etc.

As they are fond of saying in the infantry: BOHICA!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chicks on Tour 

Via Duncan, the dates and locations of the DIXIE CHICKS ACCIDENTS & ACCUSATIONS TOUR are here.

Long time gone. Plan ahead.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Divine Strake 

Ed explains what it is and why it's another bad idea from those brilliant minds that gave us the Iraq War.


Gangstas in the Army Now 

Following up on an earlier posting, now it looks like gang members in the US Army are making their mark in Iraq.

According to the Sun-Times:
The Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings and Vice Lords were born decades ago in Chicago's most violent neighborhoods. Now, their gang graffiti is showing up 6,400 miles away in one of the world's most dangerous neighborhoods -- Iraq.

Armored vehicles, concrete barricades and bathroom walls all have served as canvasses for their spray-painted gang art. At Camp Cedar II, about 185 miles southeast of Baghdad, a guard shack was recently defaced with "GDN" for Gangster Disciple Nation, along with the gang's six-pointed star and the word "Chitown," a soldier who photographed it said.

The graffiti, captured on film by an Army Reservist and provided to the Chicago Sun-Times, highlights increasing gang activity in the Army in the United States and overseas, some experts say.
So, we send over our gansters to take on their militias, you know, sort of a cultural exchange, while we help spread Democracy and Halliburton throughout the Middle East.
We'll just put some bleachers out in the sun
And have it all out on Highway 61


Those "Don't Regulate the Internet" Ads 

are paid for by the big TELCOs, who, when they're not helping BushCo spy on you, are plotting to control the internet content that YOU NOW GET TO SEE because of Net Neutrality.

Don't blame the bloggers who have them on their sites. Those who accept ads don't have much control over the content.

Just remember that because an ad is running on progressive blogs like Atrios or Suburban Guerrilla, doesn't mean it was made by the good guys and girls. In this case, the ad supports the big TELCOs in their effort to end the internet as we know it.


Deep Base 

AP via Yahoo:
Porn star Mary Carey poses for the media before attending the United to Victory dinner sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee, Thursday, March 16, 2006, in Washington. Carey, who ran for governor in California, has become a supporter of the Republican Party.
Think of her as the new poster child for the Family Values Party. On the other hand, she's certainly easier on the eyes than, say, Jerry Falwell.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

TELCOs playing Secret Squirrel 

Josh Marshall catches the big TELCOs giving non-denial denials while they try to lie like secret agents, here and here. Then he asks:
Why do I feel like this is like a grade schooler who's suddenly gotten a Junior G-Man Secret Decoder Ring?
Makes 'em feel like they're in the season finale of 24.


Going Local 

Some friends and I have launched a local blog to cover progressive politics in Flagstaff.

Sometimes small is beautiful, and sometimes local gets nasty. Stop by and say hi. We promise to be nice, at least until we get to know you better.

Tell 'em Travis sent you.


The Rove Indictment Story 

Keep the champagne cold, but don't start hyper-ventilating.

All the signs are still there that Turd Blossom is going down. And nobody this side of Dick Cheney is more deserving of a federal indictment.

Rain Storm didn't run with the weekend "Rove has already been served and has 24 hours to get his affairs settled" story that Jason Leopold posted at Truthout.org. Despite doing good work to try to flush out the facts, Leopold has missed the mark a time or two before. So with nobody else staking a claim to a piece of that story, it just seemed too thin to post here.

You'll note that most of the big boys weren't raising that flag, either. Sure, we all want to watch Karl to the funky frog march. But it won't happen until it happens.

Ironically (or else not), the WSJ decided to take a cheap shot at the left blogosphere for running with the Rove indictment story, even when we didn't. Can't they get anything right?


Monday, May 15, 2006

Religious Right Mad at BushCo 

"There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall," said Richard Viguerie, a conservative direct-mail pioneer.

[. . .]

"I can't tell you how much anger there is at the Republican leadership," Mr. Viguerie said. "I have never seen anything like it."
Well, it's amazing how much we can agree on, isn't it?.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lives in the Balance 

Being an old Jackson Browne fan, I've really enjoyed his Solo Accoustic CD over the past few months.

Go watch this video of Lives in the Balance (courtesy of Crooks and Liars). It's very well done.

Thanks to The Freeway Blogger for the tip.


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