Saturday, August 11, 2007

Giuliani wants to be Big Brother 

I get it now.


Slipping into the Big Time 

Congratulations to Man Eegee (though I'm still not sure how to pronounce that) whose Blogging 2.0 got picked up on the Sunday evening Diary Rescue over at Daily Kos.

In these parts, Man Eegee is better known for his blog Latino Politico.


Death Wish 

Sometimes I wonder if I've been a bit shrill in suggesting that most wingers are in serious need of professional mental health services.

But when I see stuff like this, all doubt vanishes in a flash.

It's like saying "If we give up and let the Nazi's take over, it will be good for America because then everybody will realize how important freedom really is." Sorry. I ain't going there.

Duncan has good observations here. Steve Benen chimes in here:
The surprising part of this, however, is that a variety of far-right media outlets seemed to embrace Bykofsky's message. ThinkProgress noted that Drudge seemed to think highly of the piece, conservative radio host Mike Gallagher invited Bykofsky on to his show, and Fox News' John Gibson went so far as to endorse Bykofsky's thesis on the air: "I think it's going to take a lot of dead people to wake America up."

For a column that pines for mass murder, this isn't the reaction I expected.
Acutally, it's getting pretty hard to know what to expect from the lunatic fringe anymore.


Friday, August 10, 2007

The problem with Congress 

The forces of darkness!


Aerial Gunning of Wolves 

must be stopped.

Whether it's an appropriate way to deal with anti-environment politicians, however, might merit serious discussion.


God may destroy America 

What the people who make our laws really think.

No mention of the fact that the on-going, systematic destruction of the Constitution by the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate is what's really destroying America. It's not exactly what the found fathers envision, either.

h/t Josh


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