Saturday, November 05, 2005

Time and Money 

This is just a personal update. As I mentioned back in September, I'm running for a local office. I started early. The race will likely be decided in the primary (September 12, 2006). I do have some competition. I'm not worried about it.

I've thought about blogging about the campaign. But at least at this point, that would be pretty boring.

I'm gathering signatures on my nominating petitions. I take the darn things with me where ever I go. The petition clipboard has become sort of a permanent arpendage, extending from my hand. Other people are getting signatures for me, too.

There's a process to follow. I'm doing this by the book. Everybody who signs a petition gets a thank you letter. It comes with a postcard that gives them the opportunity to tell me if they want to donate or would like a bumper sticker or yard sign.

I'm working with a graphic artist to put together a package of campaign materials including business cards, bumper stickers, door hangers, mailers, and yard signs.

I've talked with radio stations about buying some air time for campaign ads. I just cut a deal with my local NPR station for six weeks of mentioning my name.

All this stuff costs money. I'm certainly going to spend some of my own. I also have to devote some time and energy into raising additional cash.

And as the political season begins to roll, I'm increasing my presence at the events that feature other Democrat candidates, including state legislators, congressional candidates, attorney general, and governor.

And in a few months I'll be walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, introducing myself, handing out my literature, and asking people for their votes.

Not especially exciting stuff, but time consuming just the same.

And I still have a job, family, and a few other civic responsibilities (I sit on a few boards, commissions and task forces on this and that.)

So, in all likelihood, blogging here at Rain Storm is going to remain thin and get thinner. I'll continue to point out especially informative, humorous, or just plain snarky things I read elsewhere.

And I'll provide occasional campaign updates as the race develops.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Serious Offenses 

There was a sign at a recent rally in DC:
Hat tip to Spidelblog.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scalito - short version 

Billmon does a great job of dissecting Scalito's record. Here's the short course:
A gun nut "constitution in exile" Scalia clone who thinks husbands have squatter's rights to their spouses' private parts and who wants to let cops strip search 10-year old girls in their own freaking homes.

If we can't Bork this guy, we might as well hand the wing nuts the keys and ALL move to Canada.
Get out the map.


Monday, October 31, 2005

Bad Television . . . 

is probably a redundancy.

Then again, there is just plain butt ugly television. Hunter explains:
Having Ann Coulter on your network debating the "meaning" of the Fitzgerald investigation isn't relevant. It isn't useful. It's like watching a dog crap to music.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

A tale of two Kristofs 

First, Corrente catches him chastising Democrats for finding some joy in the fact that, at least for a few brief moments on Friday, it looked like there might actually be some hope of accountability in the U.S. Government:
Kristof tells it like it is:
First, Democrats should wipe the smiles off their faces. This is a humiliation for the entire country, and their glee is unseemly. Moreover, the situation is not that neocons are all crooks, but that one vice-presidential aide must be presumed innocent of trying to cover up conduct that may not have been illegal in the first place.
Oh, no, we mustn't gloat. Indeed, why would we?
(2 comments here. First, like many others, I don't think this is a national humiliation. The entire Bush administration is a national humiliation. But since I did everything within my power to try to keep these scum from taking power, I refuse to be humiliated by their crimes. Second, how does Kristof know that all the neocons are not crooks? What evidence does he bring forth to support this claim? There is certainly plenty to support that they are. -- Pardon my rant.)

Then Duncan grants him redemption:
I owe Patrick Fitzgerald an apology.Over the last year, I've referred to him nastily a couple of times as "Inspector Javert," after the merciless and inflexible character in Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables." In my last column, I fretted aloud that he might pursue overzealous or technical indictments. But Mr. Fitzgerald didn't do that. The indictments of Lewis Libby are not for memory lapses or debatable offenses, but for repeatedly telling a fairy tale under oath.
He also calls on Big Time to resign if he can't come clean.
I'm finding it difficult to gauge Nick's wanker factor today.


Moving On 

I note with some sense of loss that Charlie Riebmueller has called it quits at his blog Pusillanimous Wankers.

Charlie, I hope you'll still drop by here from time to time. I always appreciated the view from Arkansas. Be well, and best of luck.


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