Saturday, January 06, 2007

Staying the Course SUPER-SIZED 

If the McCain Plan for Escalation in Iraq is 30,000 more troops for 18 months to 2 years, why doesn't he just come out and say that we're going to send everybody we can round up and keep them there for the duration? Cause that's pretty much where this insanity is going.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Cheap Shots from FUBAR Land 

If you've read Tom Ricks' Fiasco, you know that part of the military problem has been that each time one division took over from the one that had been there for the past year or so, it changed how things were done in that part of Iraq. This led to considerable inconsistancy in the relationships between the U.S. military and the Iraqi people (not to mention considerable misunderstanding and hostility).

Each division commander has his own perspective on his unit's mission and the best way to accomplish that mission. Think of a continuum of options. At one end is winning the hearts and minds (think: building schools, drilling wells, and keeping the electricity on). At the other is killing bad guys and breaking their support system. In between, there are a lot of operational choices, often driven by how a unit percieves the enemy and the operational environment. That is where those differences in perspective arise.

Military blogger sine pare Phil Carter, who as an Army Reservist was called to active duty and spent a year in the big sand box not too long ago, noticed an unnamed army officer taking some cheap shots at the way Phil's unit approached its mission. Phil has a few choice words to say, both about the unnamed officer, and about the army's rotational concept in general.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


I think Congressional Democrats should reach across the aisle. And when they do they should slap a few of these snivling worms Republicans.


Anthrax in the Mail 

If we all slipped just a little into each of our out-going letters, it would take care of this little privacy problem, toot suite, now wouldn't it?

Well, on second thought, maybe it would be safer to just impeach The Chimp and Dead-Eye Dick and end our long national nightmare again.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The War Against Guns 

Like the famous War Against Christmas, the NRA's latest scare message is nothing more than a fund-raising gimmick, since none of the Dems ran on an anti-gun platform and the is NO LEGISLATION PROPOSED.


The McCain Doctrine: ESCALATION 

John Edwards nails McCain as the main proponent of escalation in Iraq, and hangs it around his neck.

Thanks to DD -- still a great friend more than 40 years after.


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