Friday, December 17, 2004

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I Need a PDA

No, not a Public Display of Affection, although that would be nice, too.

Not exactly a New Year's Resolution, but I need to find a way to consolidate my schedule and calendar functions. I don't really need a Blackberry platform, though I'm impressed with them.

I've read reviews on serveral different makes and models of PDAs, and it looks like reliability is a key complaint. A lot of them don't seem to last beyond the 90-day warranty period.

So, faithful readers, if any of you have used or are now using a PDA, I'd like to hear from you. Let me know which ones you have owned, how well they worked, how long they lasted, and any wisdom you would pass on to a humble blogger who wants to be able to consolidate and transport data from both work and home.

Thank you in advance.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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Don't Quit Your Day Job:
There is blogging and then there is writing

Which isn't to say that there aren't some legitimate writers who grace my blogroll.

My own blogging has been quite spotty, of late. There are several reasons, not the least of which is trying to get the house ready to sell while preserving what little remains of domestic tranquility.

But the other thing is that I've been finishing a book. I started it a number of years ago. Much of the work was done on legal pads or notebooks while eating lunch or sitting in work-mandated classes that failed to hold my attention beyond the 10 minute mark. There were occasional bouts of writer's block, and the writing bogged down considerably following the birth of children.

But somehow I managed to finish the story and, in all humility, I think it's pretty good (albeit, for a first novel).

It is now in the hands of a dear friend who knows a whole lot more about writing than I do (having published several books, compared to my occasional free-lance magazine pieces).

Let's call her Mary (it being the Christmas season and all). Mary used to do occasional commentary on NPR's Morning Edition. She quit in protest when Bob Edwards was canned by NPR's execs who were looking for God only knows what in hopes of improving their ratings or audiance demographics. Don't ever cross a woman of principle.

Mary also has the distinction of being the only woman I know who was mentioned by name in both fiction and non-fiction by the late Edward Abbey (whose writing is still revered around these parts).

So I'm trusting Mary to tell me the truth about my first book. In joking with her before handing over the manuscript I said, "Well, the worst thing you could tell me is that I shouldn't quit my day job."

"Honey", she replied, "in the reality of contemporary publishing, ain't nobody gonna quit their day job."

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Bumper Sticker I'd Like to See

What is it about stupidity
that Republicans find so appealing?

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Anticipate the Question
and then nail the suckers

Digby advises that Democrats need to be ready when wingnuts try to use Michael Moore as a means of discrediting the left:
Democrats should just laugh and reply, "Oh come on. Republicans having the vapors over Michael Moore just makes me laugh. There are plenty of provocative Republican media personalities making tons and tons of money saying shocking things. Rush Limbaugh said that Abu Ghraib was a harmless college prank. Ann Coulter said that the terrorists should have blown up the NY Times. I could go on."

"But they aren't invited to sit with former presidents at the Democratic convention!"

"Nope. The sitting Vice President himself appears on Limbaugh's show."
Remember that the other side is not especially bright. Expect the question. See it coming. And be ready to throw it back in their faces.

Which reminds me,
have you contacted the FCC about Rush Limbaugh using the word "dick" as a sexual reference on daytime radio?

The Radical Wrong pulls this shit all the time. It's time they had a taste of their own bad medicine. Let the emails begin!


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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An Election a Prgressive Candidate
can actually win!

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2004 Koufax Awards.

For those of you fortunate enough to still be relatively young, Sandy Koufax, who pitched for the Dodgers in the late '50s through the mid-60s, may have been the greatest lefty of all time. To quote Sports Illustrated:
His last six seasons are mythic: 129-47 with a 2.19 ERA. He threw 27 complete games with a painfully arthritic arm in 1966 and then quit.
So it is that that each year, outstanding writers from the Left side of the blogosphere are honored with the Koufax Award.

Categories include Best Series, Best Single Issue Blog, Best Group Blog, Most Humorous Blog, Most Humorous Post, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Expert Blog, Best New Blog, and Best Commenter.

I intend to review every blog post that I quoted in 2004 and make my nominations accordingly.

Go here to nominate your favorites (you may have to scroll down a little to find it).


Monday, December 13, 2004

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McCain in 2008?
The deck is already stacked

My local rag, The Wolf Hole Woofer (sorry, no link available), carried an AP story by Liz Sidoti about the possiblity of John McCain being the Repugnant presidential nominee in 2008. Liz sez:
The three-term senator from Arizona has earned a reputation as a go-to lawmaker, tackling campaign finance, the war on Iraq, federal spending and climate change.

It's little wonder that his foray into the baseball scandal has revived Republican speculation about McCain and the 2008 presidential race.
Liz is apparently not privy to polls conducted prior to the November election that showed McCain out-polling every other Democrat or Republican name in a one-on-one race.

It's quite likely that McCain will be the annointed one of God's Own Party if he can still piss and breathe in 2008. It may already be a done deal. I'm guessing this is why he was all kissy face with W during the campaign. It's really the only way of explaining his support for Bush, especially after the ratfucking Karl Rove gave him in South Carolina back in 2000. That little primary campaign tactic, in case you missed it, consisted of a whisper campaign about Cindy McCain having a mixed-race child.

Nice folks, those Republicans. Especially when they're ratfucking their own next standard-bearer.


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