Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Wounded 

Maybe 35,000. Maybe 53,000. Depends on who's counting.
More than 800 of them have lost an arm, a leg, fingers or toes. More than 100 are blind. Dozens need tubes and machines to keep them alive. Hundreds are disfigured by burns, and thousands have brain injuries and mangled minds.

These are America's war wounded, a toll that has received less attention than the 3,500 troops killed in Iraq. Depending on how you count them, they number between 35,000 and 53,000.

More of them are coming home, with injuries of a scope and magnitude the government did not predict and is now struggling to treat.

"If we left Iraq tomorrow, we would have the legacy of all these people for many years to come," said Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and an adviser to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. "The military simply wasn't prepared for its own success" at keeping severely wounded soldiers alive, he said
Then there's that little oversight about the flowers. We weren't expecting many wounded because we'd be greeted as liberators, and hardly anyone will get hurt when all the Iraqis are throwing at us are flowers.

Failure to plan = planning to fail. It's a shame our wounded GIs are the victims of that failure.


The more things change, 

the more they remain the same.

If they run, they're Viet Cong al-Qaida, if they're dead they're Viet Cong al-Qaida.


Quote of the Day 

From Kevin Drum:
You can almost smell the stink of desperation from the pro-war crowd. The next couple of years is going to be a nonstop frenzy of books, articles, TV shows, op-eds, radio segments, blog posts, and white papers about how everyone except George Bush and his enablers were responsible for our catastrophe in the Middle East. Anyone will do, as long as it's not them.
Sure don't smell like victory.


I love this! 

House Dems learn how to play offense.

And how to defend against the option.


Friday, June 22, 2007

The MSM is . . . 

Not Digby. No matter how much they pretend to be bloggers. Or, put another way:
. . . The Plank, the in-house blog of the New Republic, which is to say mainstream journalism embarrassingly dressed in hipster threads and trying to get into a club . . .


The Freeway Blogger 

is still getting the truth out there.


Cheney Swings Both Ways 

Executive Branch, except when that becomes a problem. Then he's in the Legislative Branch.
One Cheney staffer familiar with the matter said Thursday that the vice president has not complied with the order because his office has dual functions: It is part of the executive branch — the Bush administration — but also part of the legislative branch, given Cheney's position as president of the Senate.
This seems to be the only part of the Constitution he actually cares about.


More Romney Campaign Follies 

Playing Police Officer.
State Police are investigating one of Mitt Romney's top campaign aides for allegedly impersonating a trooper by calling a Wilmington company and threatening to cite the driver of a company van for erratic driving, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the probe.

Jay Garrity, who is director of operations on Romney's presidential campaign and a constant presence at his side, became the primary target of the investigation, according to one of the sources, after authorities traced the cellphone used to make the call back to him. The investigation comes three years after Garrity, while working for Romney in the State House, was cited for having flashing lights and other police equipment in his car without proper permits.
I guess being a big honcho for a major candidate in a presidential campaign isn't exciting enough for Mr. Garrity. Maybe he should join the Marines or something.

h/t Josh Marshall


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Bush drops to 26 percent in latest Newsweek poll.

Still looking for that bottom, I guess.

And Broder is still wandering around out there on the far side of delusional, looking for that big bounce.

h/t Josh Marshall


Those Dang Heathans 

They're at it again. Trying to mess with good Christianists like yourselves who're bringing the Lord back into the Odessa, Texas public schools.

See, that's what's wrong with this country. If every single one of them dirty hippies was given a good, solid, Bible-based education, we wouldn't have these frivolous lawsuits by them damned uppity liberal trial lawyers.
In December 2005, the Ector County School Board voted to adopt a Bible course created by a private organization called the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS). The elective course, called The Bible in History and Literature, is now taught in two high schools in Odessa, Texas—Permian High School and Odessa High School. Rather than teaching about the Bible objectively, the course promotes religion generally as well as a particular religious viewpoint that is not shared by Jews, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and many Protestants.
Help out if you can.


I feel much better now . . . 

about the Israeli Defense Forces.

Really. Let's send them more and more money.

h/t Feministing via Susie


Up is Down. War is Peace. 

"This is the president putting science before ideology."

and blah, blah, blah.


Iraq Moratorium Day 

September 21st. That's about 90 days from now.

Organize locally NOW!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trouble in Latter Day Land 

Romney fundrasier sued for child abuse:
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars through the fundraising efforts of a supporter targeted by several lawsuits alleging child abuse.

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, 133 plaintiffs have alleged that Robert Lichfield, co-chairman of Romney’s Utah finance committee owned or operated residential boarding schools for troubled teenagers where students were “subjected to physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.”
But hey, no problem. Just blame the victims:
The president of WWASPS, Ken Kay, said in an interview the lawsuits are a ploy to get money and dismissed the credibility of former students making allegations.

“Most of them are ludicrous,” Kay said of the claims made against his organization and the boarding schools. “A certain percentage of the kids [who participate] are never going to be happy. They weren’t happy with public schools, they weren’t happy with law enforcement, and they have a long history of lying, fabricating and twisting the story around to their own benefit.
Well, heck, with those kinds of skills, I'm surprised the kids haven't moved on to working for the Moonie Times.

h/t TPM Election Central


God Bless Ms. Digby 

She said exactly what I would have, only way better.

But I wasn't there. Not ready to crawl out of my secure bunker, yet.

Nice to see (nearly) all the dirty fucking hippies together. We are truly beautiful. Charlie Mike.

UPDATE -- Thursday morning: mcjoan at dkos has posted an excerpt. Go read a little, then watch the video.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Digby Said 

Get ready for this, 'cause you know their going to do it.

No conscience, no consistancy. Might as well say it: No Soul.


New Latino Citizens 

They hate Bush for the Iraq disaster and hate Republicans for being anti-immigrant racists.

Works for me.


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