Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Bottom Line 

via McJoan at Daily Kos, the Stakeholder points out what really matters in Republican politics (besides hate, greed, and fear, that is):
DeLay was not kicked out for what he had done. He was kicked out for getting caught.
It's a values thing.


George the Sovereign 

Back in the day when nations had kings, the king was the country. If the king fell in battle, that was it -- the show was over.

That's the only explanation I can come up with for the mind set of those who think that making flight suit boy look bad somehow weakens national security.

From Unclaimed Territory via Duncan:
One of the most revealing aspects of the NSA scandal has been the way in which Bush followers have been running around shrieking that national security has been damaged and treason has been committed by the New York Times. All of that is based upon the Times' disclosure that Bush ordered the NSA to eavesdrop without judicial oversight (rather than with it). Now that the initial screaming and demands for hangings are dying down a little, his followers are confronted with the fact that this accusation makes no sense whatsoever, since whether we eavesdrop with judicial oversight or without it can’t possibly be of any use to terrorists.

What has become unavoidably apparent is that their rage over this disclosure stems from the fact that it has embarrassed George Bush and harmed his political interests, not that it has harmed the national interests of the United States. But to them, George Bush is America, and whatever he does is, by definition, the national security of the U.S. Thus, to undermine or impede George Bush -- even to point out that he broke the law -- is, in their minds, to impede the United States and therefore to commit treason.
Makes me want to click my heals together 3 times, pretend I'm from Kansas, and repeat over and over again: We don't have a king. We don't have a king. We don't have a king.

But hey, I thought we settled all that nonsense back in 1776.


Friday, January 06, 2006


Do your part to end the long bad dream. Regime change begins at home.

Support ImpeachPAC. I did.

So did Susie. She's on the steering committee.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Family Values 

Since my day job involves advocacy and community education around children's issues, I tend to find some things to be particularly offensive:
The largest grant the foundation listed in its 2002 tax filing was for $300,000 to P'TACH of New York, a nonprofit that helps Jewish children with learning disabilities.

"We've never received a $300,000 gift, not in our 28 years," a surprised Rabbi Burton Jaffa, P'TACH's national director, told the Austin American-States- man. "It would have been gone by now. I guess I would have been able to pay some teachers on time." [...]

But around the time Capital Athletic's tax form was filed in fall 2003, listing the $300,000 donation P'TACH says it didn't get, a DeLay-created charity called Celebrations for Children was begun with $300,000 in seed money.

Celebrations for Children was a short-lived effort to raise money for children's charities by providing donors with special access to DeLay, plus yacht trips and other enticements, during the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. Watchdog groups protested, claiming the fundraiser violated a new ban on accumulating unlimited "soft" money, and DeLay dropped it in May 2004.
There's more. DeLay should do lots of hard time for this alone, not to mention his numeous other crimes.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who cleans up? 

When word of Jack Abramoff's guilty plea hit the streets, I figured it was a good bet that Tom DeLay shit his pants.

That got me wondering which of DeLay's loyal toadies got called in to clean up the mess.

I'm guessing Rick Renzi was on the team. Though J.D. Hayworth looks like a good bet, too.


T-Shirt Politics: What would yours say? 

John has some great ideas:
It's not just for blowjobs anymore

Tell me again how Bush has made us safer?

The Constitution
You're either with it or against it

Spying on your own people
It's not just for communists anymore
Or roll your own.


Falling Down Drunk with Power 

Digby wonders why Bush's face so often looks ground beef (complete with photos).

Like so many images from the past 5 years, it isn't pretty.

UPDATE - Tuesday evening: Larry Johnson says Bush's face was wounded at the Battle of Cedar Gulch. Go read how the CINC builds rapport with wounded troops.

Prepair to vomit. Vomit.


Extra Ammunition 

A couple weeks ago I took issue with Grover Norquist's claim that there are no rules in a knife fight. I suggested that Rule #1 in a knife fight is "The guy with the gun wins."

Imagine my delight while reading Kos this morning to see that Reuters, while reporting on Jack Abramoff's guilty pleas, has taken my metaphor and run with it:
The long-expected plea will give prosecutors extra ammunition as they seek to link the activities of DeLay of Texas, Republican Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, and other top lawmakers to favors paid for by Abramoff's lobbying clients.
And as Kos points out:
At this point, Ronnie Earle is the least of Tom DeLay's problems.


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