Saturday, February 03, 2007

Explaining Iraq to Children 

. . . and Beltway pundits, too, I guess.

T.A. Frank writing at Political Animal:
So I visit a rundown zoo and see hyenas in miserable cages, lions in miserable cages, and antelopes in miserable cages. I'm disgusted by their conditions, so I attack the zookeepers and set the animals free. The lions eat the antelopes, the hyenas eat the antelopes (and sometimes the lions, too), and the antelopes run for shelter. Should I feel bad for not having minded my own business? No way, says Charles Krauthammer. Hey, who knew that lions liked to eat antelopes? "We midwifed their freedom. They chose civil war."
And for some reason when I think of Krauthammer, I'm reminded of the picture that used to hang at the entrance to the orderly room in the old 297th. It was Duke Wayne in the uniform of the SF colonel he played in The Green Berets. The caption said:
Life is tough. It's tougher when you're supid.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Farewell Ms. Molly 

Of all the tributes to Molly Ivins this week, two stood out the most for me.

First, E.J. Graff pointed out that it was Molly who first warned us about "Shrub." Too bad so few folks, especially those brilliant media pundits, were not paying attention at the time.

And second, the Rude Pundit reminded us why Molly never became a talking head on the "news" shows:
Ivins never became the regular TV pundit that so many other alleged columnists became. Perhaps it was because of moments like this, being interviewed about the brewing Clinton "scandal" on some Fox "news" program in March 1998: "If we had devoted this much time and this much space in the newspapers to the single most important problem in American politics today, which is the money that finances campaigns and the way the people that get elected respond to that money, we would have solved the problem by now. We would have the people of this country so outraged, they would be demanding campaign finance reform. What are we doing? We're talking about the president's dick. It's ridiculous."
It will be a little harder to laugh through the pain now that Ms. Molly has moved on.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Joe Biden Agrees 

AP via Yahoo:
"It's not the American people or the U.S. Congress who are emboldening the enemy," said Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and White House hopeful in 2008. "It's the failed policy of this president — going to war without a strategy, going to war prematurely."
He just talks nicer than I do.


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