Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can't recommend it at the moment 

Since so many folks from the military are dropping by today, I thought I'd share a few words from my fellow veteran and astute blogger Ed at Part of the Plan. I don't think my thoughts on this can be articulated any better than he said it this morning:
For the record, I have the utmost respect for all young men and women who have the courage of their convictions to enlist and serve in the armed forces. I just don’t recommend it like I used to, before BushCo and especially Rumsfeld ruined my beloved Army. Like Joe, the Army was one of the best things that ever happened to me. But until it comes under new management, I won’t recommend it to my kids or grandkids. This administration squanders the lives of our young warriors in a futile quest for American empire, the neocons’ wet dream. I’m not anti-military, nor am I anti-war (sorry, Deanna and Jen). I believe in the concept of Just War, and until that principle is restored as part of our foreign policy, and until the lunatics are returned to the asylum, I won’t encourage youngsters to join the military.
Also for the record, Ed flew Army aircraft. I just fell out of them.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gangstas Infiltrate US Army 

A hardy welcome to all the military folks who are dropping by today. You can access the Rain Storm home page here. Hoo Ahh!

Recruiting must be even tougher than we thought.

According to an article in the NY Sun:
Local police and FBI officials said they expect the transfer of between 10,000 and 20,000 troops to Fort Bliss near El Paso, Texas, to bring more members of the Folk Nation gang into contact with a criminal group that is already well-established in the area, Barrio Azteca.

"What we have started looking at is which military units are going to be moving to El Paso," an FBI agent there, Andrea Simmons, said in an interview. "There is a potential for more gang activity, whether it be soldiers, or dependents and families of soldiers."

Ms. Simmons said some gangs actually direct members to join the military to learn how to handle weapons. "The intelligence that we have thus far indicates that they may try to recruit young people who have clean records and encourage them to keep their record clean to get into the military. They would get great weapons training and other types of training and access to weapons and arms, and be able to use that knowledge," she said. "They're taking training that is great and very altruistic and turning around and using it for criminal activity."

Ms. Simmons said Folk Nation, which was founded in Chicago and includes several branches using the name Gangster Disciples, has gained a foothold in the Army. "The Folk Nation has a presence with the military and/or their dependents," she said.

One FBI official, Jeremy Francis, told an El Paso television station, KFOX, that law enforcement had identified at least 80 people with military connections who had committed gang-related crimes. He said about 800 have some allegiance to Folk Nation.

The executive director of the National Major Gangs Task Force, Edward Cohn, said those numbers do not come as a shock. "People are initially surprised that there are gangs in the military, but really it shouldn't be a surprise," he said. "For somebody to believe there are no gangs in the military would be very naive."

Mr. Cohn also said some gang members refine their techniques in the Army. "There is a sophistication there," he said.

An analyst of extremist groups for the Anti-Defamation League, Mark Pitcavage, said the military and the gangs both recruit from the same strata of society. (emphasis added)
Yep. No whiny ass titty babies in my army. They're all over at Red State and Little Green Fascists, fantasizing about having sex with Yellow Elephants.


Better Lovers 

Well, I was certainly happy to read that!

But hey, I bet some of you have known it all along. Thx to McJoan.


No Home School Option 

One more thought about little Benito.

There's a reason so many of his ilk never serve in the military. You can't do boot camp, Airborne School, Ranger School, or the Q Course via home schooling.


The Pursuit of Happiness 

and those who are against it.

UPDATE - Wednesday afternoon: This just in from the Freeway Blogger:
(AP ) Washington DC: Key provisions of the U.S. Declaration of Independence are currently under review by the Bush administration, according to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

"We are studying the document with an open mind and absolute respect for the authors' intent." he announced today in a morning press conference. "Let me assure you that this President considers the Declaration of Independence to be the very bedrock of American democracy. However, given the seriousness of the threats facing our nation today, it would be a forfeiture of our duty not to reconsider some of its more outmoded provisions."
Posted without comment.


Boy Wonder 

I wasn't going to join the critique of Benito Domenech, the new boy wonder winger of the WaPo's blogosphere. But this jumped out at me. It makes everything perfectly clear:
I don't necessarily subscribe to all Creationist theories, but I do take Genesis literally. And I believe the commonly taught theory of evolution is a total crock.
Now I'm wondering just exactly to whom and what at the WaPo this highly elevated mind is providing balance.

Hat tip to Duncan for the link.

UPDATE - Wednesday Morning. Geogia10 gives Benito some hot tips on how to bury his embarrassing past before the whole world discovers that he's out there where the busses don't run.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blood for Oil Dollars 

Avedon has a scorcher of a post on why the US invaded Iraq. It's not what you thought. It's worse.


Terms to add to your daily discourse: 

Radical christianist. You know, sort of like a radical islamisist, except they're headquatered in Colorado Springs and Pensacola instead of Islamabad or Kabul.

You might even fit the word fascist in there somewhere, just so people know you're talking about politics, not spirituals paths or anything.


Creationists, anti-Semitism, and Hate 

David Neiwert connects the dots, and gets a picture full of bad crazies. It isn't pretty.
Hovind, who runs the Creation Science Evangelism ministry from Pensacola, Fla., says the whole Bible is literally true and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. While that may seem par for the creationist course, Hovind also sells anti-Semitic books like Fourth Reich of the Rich and has recommended The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book blaming the world's problems on a Jewish conspiracy.

Environmentalism and income taxes, Hovind says, are designed to destroy the United States and "bring it under Communism." "Democracy," he says, "is evil and contrary to God's law."
I always figured there was something evil about the Bushistas trying to force Democracy on them middle-easterners. But I just couldn't quite put my finger on it until now.


Firedoglake has moved. 

New address here: http://firedoglake.com/

Stop by anytime. These folks are good.


Vote Today! 

My DD has a Dem Presidential Straw Poll up. Got vote. I was actually surprised at how closely my vote reflects the overall trend. Imagine that. I must be going mainstream.


Worst President Ever 

I'm sure I've said it before, probably more than once (along with that other gem, "dumber than dog shit").

Now it seems that lots of important bloggers have joined in. I think we're developing a sort of consensus on this.

UPDATE - Tuesday night: Lots more here (as well as a few incredulous wingers -- are those boys slow learners or what).


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